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The Payette Lake Trail

LakeBikeImagine a day of biking with your family. A long winding trail takes you between the ponderosa pines and tamaracks. With each turn, you’re rewarded with a view of the glassy lake reflecting the mountains of the Salmon River Range. Arriving at North Beach by bike, you unfold a picnic and enjoy the sunshine of a McCall summer.

This is a vision of the Payette Land Trust. We hope to make this dream a reality by connecting existing bike and running paths around all of Payette Lake. To secure the land rights necessary will require support for those owning land around the lake. Thankfully, only a small easement would go a long way for the creation of a walking or bike path.

As always, we hope to support the dreams of the McCall community and preserve what you love about this place we all call home.

Call to Action: We’re looking for donations to support an awareness campaign and outreach to local landowners. We’re looking for you to voice your support. If you own land along the lake, Warren Wagon, or East Side Road, we’d love to meet and hear your concerns or interest for this project.

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Annual Conservation Days BBQ June 18!

Save the date! PLT's annual Conservations Days BBQ is Saturday, June 18. Live Music, Food, Beverages, Conservation Poetry Reading, and the Big Heart Unveil...More information coming soon!  

Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment, May 13, 2022

The Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment was released by the McClure Center - University of Idaho in December 2021. Payette Land Trust's Executive Director, Craig Utter, participated in this project as a member of the Advisory Board. The assessment is a...


Payette Land Trust is inviting artists to submit proposals to be considered for the 1st annual Conserve the Heart of Idaho heart art project. The selected artist will paint/decorate an existing fiberglass heart sculpture to be displayed at multiple indoor and outdoor...

PLT Welcomes Board Member, Ryan Thomasson

Ryan has a degree in Industrial Technology Management and has worked in multiple states for a diverse set of companies. Wherever Ryan has settled he has taken the time to become an active member of the community. In Seattle he sat as the vice president for his...


Payette Land Trust Executive Director, Craig Utter hosted an open Webinar to discuss the United Payette’s plan for working with IDL on area Endowment Lands. Click on the link below to view the entire webinar. The first 11 minutes is a video, “Song of the Land: Harmony...