PLT’s working area is vast and diverse, which at times can make it difficult to focus on the areas requiring the most help. To become more efficient, PLT has created or joined efforts to help focus our limited resources into sectors which provide opportunities to collaborate and leverage resources which will affect on the ground conservation.

Payette River Basin Initiative

PLT created the Payette River Basin (PRB) Initiative in 2019 with the purpose of utilizing conservation easements in permanently conserving portions of land which hold natural, recreational, agricultural and hydrological water resource value. The PRB Initiative hopes to receive and focus local, regional and national resources to accomplish this goal. The waterways, lakes, and wild country within and around the basin has drawn people to the area for generations, and with increased use development is inevitable.

The Goal of the PRB Initiative is to permanently conserve a connected corridor from the Payette Lake inlet to Cabarton Bridge along the main stem of the North Fork Payette River. This effort will allow for access, recreation and movement of both people and wildlife within the corridor, while conserving the existing natural beauty and water quality.

Payette River Basin Initiative PDF

Little Salmon River Watershed Collaborative

Payette Land Trust is a member of the Little Salmon River Watershed Collaborative.

The goal of forming the Little Salmon River Watershed Collaborative is to improve water quality in the Little Salmon River through:

  • Engaging stakeholders across disciplines and land ownership boundaries
  • Discussing comprehensive issues affecting water quality
  • Craft potential solutions

The end product of this collaborative effort includes drafting a list identifying specific actions, interested parties and resources to improve water quality in the Little Salmon Watershed.

United Payette

Payette Land Trust is a founding member of United Payette. United Payette (UP) is a “coalition of diverse citizens and organizations collaborating with government and private partners to identify and secure paths to permanently conserve the Payette endowment lands for the public and the health of the ecosystem for generations to come.” PLT’s executive director sits on the UP steering committee and is involved in many of the UP task forces targeting specific issues relating to conserving State of Idaho endowment land.

United Payette PDF