Meet the six conservation-minded artists featured at the 2024 SweetHEART Party & Auction.


Heartbeat of Payette

“My process is to start with random paint applied in interesting patterns, but without initial intention, using brushes, rags and spray bottle, and patterned using blowing techniques, gravity and various other interventions. Then the design is studied to find images that wish to be discovered, similar to finding pictures in Rorschach inkblot tests. The artwork itself and the subconscious are the muses for the process. I see this as a community involvement project resulting in a visual collage.”

Heartbeat of Payette comes with a flat metal base which supports the heart so it can stand upright. If you want additional height for the heart PLT can recommend some options.

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Protecting Idaho by Heidi Messner

“Protecting Idaho is my colorful art piece portraying the main waterbodies in Idaho highlighted as the centerpiece of the heart which are the lifelines of our natural resources. We need to protect our waters to conserve what we have for future generations. I portray ESA-listed species such as the sockeye salmon, the once listed sage grouse, steelhead, and the white bark pine, all of which are currently or have been ESA-listed species. I grew up in Idaho, work in the fisheries field and am a huge advocate for protecting our resources. This is something I am hugely passionate for and want to help spread awareness to others to help protect what we have to offer through artwork.”

Heart of Idaho comes with a custom walnut base by Urban Forestry Products

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Serenity by Ava Rinker

“The piece I have created represents the connection between the inhabitants of McCall. On one side of the river, it shows a home that has people living their lives without disturbing the other side, which shows the wildlife that can be found throughout McCall. The area on both sides looks lived in with various activities being shown, from birds flying to nests to fishing equipment.”

Serenity comes with a custom walnut base by Urban Forestry Products




Harmony by Faith Cooke

“There is a common belief within Native American culture that states that all things have a relationship with one another; with this belief in mind, I created a piece that takes on a metaphorical representation of Idaho’s natural world. There are ’hidden’ images within the heart, these represent both the history embedded within every rock, every tree, every plant, every drop of water and so on, in Idaho as well as our inherent connection to nature. This piece highlights the importance of protecting our rivers, canyons, forests, and wildlife, but also the history behind this land that is so often taken for granted and forgotten.”


Harmony comes with a custom walnut base by Urban Forestry Products


Seasons by Kayla Anderson

“My design is an honor to the four seasons that we have in McCall and Idaho in general. As someone who’s traveled their whole life, I’ve seen that McCall is the one of the only places that I’ve lived that has all four distinct seasons with corresponding wildlife. My design incorporates different flora and fauna of each of the seasons, wrapped up in a symmetrical landscape with a sunset on the colder side and a sunrise on the warmer side. “

Seasons comes with a custom walnut base by Urban Forestry Products




Mary Arnold, Payette Land Trust Artist-in-Residence

“I am a western Fauvist artist living and working in Boise and McCall, Idaho, fascinated with geology and in representing the land and inhabitants of the west. Fauvism seeks to separate color from its descriptive, representational purpose and allow it to exist on the canvas as an independent element without having to be true to the natural world.

Mary created two paintings for the PLT SweetHEART Auction. These original works were inspired by PLT-conserved lands. View Muley & Kestrel and Early Morning on the Payette Muley & Kestrel comes with a high quality simple black frame and Early Morning on the Payette come with gorgeous gold molding.

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