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Rolling Hills, Country Roads


The scenic walks, rides and drives throughout Long Valley are what make us all breath a bit easier as we take in the mountain ranges, conifer covered foothills, and expansive farmland. It is part of the magic and the majesty of this region.

It is also what allows wildlife to live and travel freely throughout Long Valley and beyond. By preserving open space and agricultural uses along these corridors, we not only preserve the unique and natural beauty of Long Valley; but, we also provide and enhance wildlife corridors and habitat. We believe this supports the collective vision of Valley County residents The Payette Land Trust plans to accomplish these goals by working with landowners in the Farm to Market corridor and along Highway 55, from McCall to the south end of Round Valley. .

With a project like this, we get two birds with one stone. We have heard from the community that avoiding overdevelopment along our byways is a priority. Development is inevitable. However, by utilizing the tools available to them, in cooperation with the Land Trust, development does not need to be at the expense of the wild ecosystems that we enjoy for sport and sustenance.

Call to Action: We’re looking for donations to support an awareness campaign and outreach to local landowners. We’re looking for you to voice your support. If you own land along the Farm to Market or Highway 55 corridors, we’d love to meet and hear your concerns or interest for this project.

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Ryan has a degree in Industrial Technology Management and has worked in multiple states for a diverse set of companies. Wherever Ryan has settled he has taken the time to become an active member of the community. In Seattle he sat as the vice president for his...


Payette Land Trust Executive Director, Craig Utter hosted an open Webinar to discuss the United Payette’s plan for working with IDL on area Endowment Lands. Click on the link below to view the entire webinar. The first 11 minutes is a video, “Song of the Land: Harmony...