Ryan has a degree in Industrial Technology Management and has worked in multiple states for a diverse set of companies. Wherever Ryan has settled he has taken the time to become an active member of the community.

In Seattle he sat as the vice president for his community water board. Upon moving to Illinois he served as a trustee for the Village of Port Barrington, a recreational based community located outside of Chicago with walking, biking and snowmobile trails, boating, fishing, and several parks and marinas within its boundaries. As Village Trustee he also oversaw streets and roads, working closely with the public works director to ensure the roads met the needs of the village residents. As a member of the planning commission he helped to guide the future direction of Port Barrington by reviewing approved use and conditional use permit requests to ensure they were in line with the recreational community values of Port Barrington.

Ryan and his wife, Kristi, have developed a deep connection with Valley County over the past five years and have a great interest in helping to conserve the West Central Mountains they now call home.