After reviewing both the Trident Holding’s Preserve McCall Proposal and the IDL Payette Endowment Strategy presentation PLT chose not to support either Draft as presented. The Trident’s proposal is in conflict with the PLT Payette River Basin Initiative. The IDL strategy suggests reclassification of transitional lands which can lead to future development and pose a conflict with the Initiative. With this in mind PLT proposes working with the State Land Board to develop protocol for conservation easements on Endowment Land to prevent further threat of development while providing funding to the Endowment Trust. Click the document links below to read the resolutions

PLT resolution on the Trident Holdings – Preserve McCall Proposal

PLT resolution on the IDL – Payette Endowment Strategy

PLT resolution to obtain a Conservation Easement on IDL Parcel “G” and develop Easement Protocol with the State Land Board