The 2024 PLT BIG HEART is currently at…

Crawford Olson Real Estate, 403 Park St, McCall

What does Conserving the Heart of Idaho mean to you?

Each year Payette Land Trust asks this of local artists, and this year we received many thoughtful submissions. In March one artist, Sharon Herther, was chosen to paint the third Conserving the Heart of Idaho heart sculpture, a large fiberglass heart.

Sharon says, “When I think about central Idaho, I think of all the lakes, rivers and streams. The massive mountains that collect all the snow and rain…It is virtually the air we breather. This is what my concept represents…the beauty of here. The massive importance of this place to the wellbeing of all who live here as well as down the mountain to the valleys below. We are the stewards of much…so much should be expected of all to p[reserve and manage here, for it affects all of there.”

The goal of the project is to promote awareness of conserving the natural beauty of West Central Idaho. PLT hopes the heart will engage, educate and inspire the community. The BIG HEART will travel to different locations throughout Valley and Adams Counties until the February 8, 2025 SweetHEART Party & Auction where it will be auctioned off to raise funds for Payette Land Trust’s land conservation work.