Questions about The Heart and Payette Land Trust 

Q: What is the Big Heart?

A: A four-foot tall 3D heart decorated with the artist’s concept of the wilderness, agricultural and cultural aspects of The Heart of central Idaho. The project aims to promote awareness of conserving the natural beauty of West Central Idaho. Payette Land Trust (PLT) hopes the heart will engage, educate and inspire the community.

Q: Why is the Big Heart being auctioned? 

A: A new tradition to bring awareness of Payette Land Trust’s work and raise funds for PLT’s core mission. 

Q: How was the artist selected? 

A: PLT made a request for artist proposals asking, “What does Conserving the Heart of Idaho mean to you? In March 2022, after receiving many thoughtful submissions, one artist, Colleen Hanley-Prior, was chosen by a panel of art and community professionals to paint the first Conserving the Heart of Idaho heart sculpture.

Q: Who was the artist who painted the Big Heart?   A: The 2022 Big Heart Artist was Colleen Hanley Prior.

Q: What’s the story behind the designs on the Heart?

A: The four “chambers” of the heart have been painted in the theme of conservation, showcasing West Central Idaho’s natural beauty in the four seasons. 

Q: How were the different heart display locations determined? 

A: The finished heart was unveiled at PLT’s annual Conservation Days BBQ in June 2022, and the heart was displayed at local sponsor businesses around the McCall area. 

Q: What is Payette Land Trust?

A: PLT is the Land Trust organization responsible for negotiating, writing, and placing Conservation Easements on wilderness and agricultural lands located within the four central counties of Idaho (Washington, Adams, Valley, and Idaho).

Q: How do I become a Sponsor? Donor? 

A: You can either make a one-time or recurring donation to PLT. If you would like to become a Sponsor, you can contribute to specific efforts within PLT and be recognized in the media for your sponsorship contributions. 

Questions about the SweetHEART Party & Auction 

Q: How is this party related to Land Conservation?

A: Conservation efforts must be celebrated! This is an opportunity for our community to celebrate PLT’s successes and continuing efforts to conserve The Heart of Idaho. 

Q: How do I bid on the Big Heart? 

A: Join us at PLT’s SweetHEART Party & Auction on February 11th at the Shore Lodge Pavilion. 

Q: What will be the Big Heart starting bid? 

A: $1,500. 

Q: Is anything else being auctioned? 

A: Yes, there are two smaller, twelve-inch “tabletop” hearts painted by two local high school students. 

Q: Is dinner being served? 

A: There will be heavy hors d’oeuvres along with a carving station. 

Q: Is there an open bar? 

A: Each attendee will receive three tickets for either beer, wine, champagne, or whiskey tasting. More tickets can be purchased directly at the serving bar if additional libations are wanted. 

Q: What does the raffle ticket cost? 

A: One for $5.00 / Five for $20

Q: What time does the event start and end? 

A: The event is 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 

Q: Do I need to purchase tickets ahead of time? 

A: Yes, there is limited availability, and you can purchase tickets at