How to Help

Protect Your Land

Landowners, you tell us what kind of legacy you want to leave to future generations through the land. We help you define the restrictions that are meaningful to you and protect that forever. We help you receive the best possible tax deductions and other benefits for your part in protecting natural resources.

Remember, it’s your choice and on your terms.

Give Support

Your funds keep this organization alive. Monetary donations allow us to procure land, manage easements, create trail systems, lead conservation efforts, and more. Money you give goes directly to supporting the campaigns we discuss here and maintaining the properties we currently manage.

Make your contribution now and help preserve Idaho’s natural beauty.

Donate Time

Our organization is made of volunteers. We have specific needs and are also interested in hearing how you think you can help. Often we need administrative help and can use professional skills. Other times, we need help running events or working the land. We rarely turn down a pair of hands.

Contribute your time and ideas and leave your own legacy on this community.